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Main responsibilities of Guiyang Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security

Updated: 2022-03-16

(1) Implement the national and provincial development plans and policies on human resources and social security; draft local laws and regulations on human resources and social security; formulate municipal development plans and policies on human resources and social security and supervise their implementation.

(2) Promote employment, formulate urban and rural employment development plans and policies, improve the public employment service system, and implement the employment assistance system; encourage grass-roots employment of college graduates; improve the professional qualification system and establish the vocational training system for urban and rural workers; draft policies concerning cultivating high-skilled personnel in universities and personnel with practical skills in rural areas and providing incentives.

(3) Formulate development plans and policies on the human resources market and human resources flow through a unified and standardized human resources market, and promote the rational and effective allocation of human resources.

(4) Deploy and relocate personnel in public institutions.

(5) Manage government awards and commendations; undertake the appointment and dismissal of cadres of the municipal people's government.

(6) Establish a social security system covering urban and rural areas. Formulate and implement policies for urban and rural social insurance and supplementary insurance; formulate methods for transferring social security accounts nationwide; prepare basic endowment insurance policies for government agencies, enterprises, public institutions, and other social organizations and members of society; establish a management and supervision system for social insurance and supplementary insurance funding; draft the municipal social insurance fund budget and final accounts; supervise and manage the social insurance fund.

(7) Establish the forecast and early warning system for employment, unemployment and social insurance funds and formulate contingency plans, prevent, regulate and control emergencies so as to maintain stable employment and balance of payments.

(8) Implement national and provincial policies on wages, benefits and retirement of employees in enterprises and public institutions, guarantee that wages of employees in enterprises and public institutions increase year by year; formulate wage regulation policies for enterprise employees, and improve the minimum wage system and wage payment mechanism; appraise the technical levels of workers in government agencies and public institutions.

(9) Guide reform of the personnel system of public institutions; formulate management methods for personnel in public institutions and government agencies; draft and implement plans to conduct continuing education for professional and technical personnel; deepen the reform of the professional title system; select, introduce and cultivate high-level professionals, work out methods and measures for the introduction of overseas students.

(10) Formulate and implement policies for migrant workers, resolve key and difficult issues, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of migrant workers.

(11) Implement the labor dispute arbitration system; improve the labor relation coordination mechanism; supervise the implementation of labor protection policies for illegal use of child labor, female labor and underage labor; implement labor supervision, coordinate labor rights protection, and investigate and treat major cases.

(12) Implement methods on managing work-related injury insurance payments and auditing expense settlements of designated medical institutions.

(13) Undertake foreign exchanges and cooperation related to human resources and social security, as well as relevant tasks about foreign nationals who come to work in Guiyang.

(14) Accept letters and visits related to human resources and social security, and handle major letters and visits and emergencies.

(15) Promote military-civilian integration, and carry out poverty alleviation and development; increase investment in science and technology, improve scientific and technological innovation capabilities, and promote innovation-driven development; insure safe production and fire safety in the department and the industry; promote the development and application of big data, standardized management and sharing and development of government data resources.

(16) Undertake other tasks assigned by the CPC municipal Party committee, the municipal people's government and higher-level departments. 

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