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Guiyang bureau wins provincial award for its contributions

Updated: 2021-01-13

The bureau of human resources and social security of Guiyang -- capital city of Southwest China's Guizhou province -- was recognized as an advanced body that is successfully fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, at an awarding ceremony held by the province on Jan 8.

Over the past year, the bureau has done a great job in novel coronavirus epidemic prevention and control. Moreover, it has effectively and efficiently promoted work and production resumption, employment and entrepreneurship, labor relations, social security and other endeavors.

The bureau has helped 1,200 college students to start up their own businesses, leading directly to the creation of 2,590 jobs. It has set up a labor supply and demand platform, held 162 online and offline job fairs and has facilitated 6,724 employers to provide 335,800 jobs. Meanwhile, over 200,000 job seekers have applied for jobs, both online and offline.

Elsewhere, the bureau has assisted 20,000 migrant workers to return to Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces to find work and provided subsidies of 1.98 million yuan ($305,000) for those who returned to work in Guiyang. It also helped 4,828 drug rehabilitation workers and 28,055 veterans to find employment and develop their entrepreneurial goals.

Its staff members visited 4,340 families with employment difficulties and zero employment. It helped 1,211 people with employment difficulties find jobs and helped 1,444 people apply for support benefits.

In the meantime, the three-year action plan to train all the farmers in regions administered by Guiyang city was implemented and nearly 1 million farmers benefitted, with more than 65,000 farmers receiving training to obtain specific employment skills.

In addition, it guided and assisted poverty alleviation workshops to get back to work and production and helped the impoverished labor force to find work nearby. At present, there are an estimated 22,246 poverty-stricken workers in Guian and Guiyang and 20,424 of them have been employed or started businesses, with an employment rate of 91.8 percent.

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