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Guiyang receives first provincial forestry carbon sink ticket

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-05-07

The Guizhou Provincial Forestry Administration and the Guizhou Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment jointly issued the first batch of Guizhou provincial forestry carbon sink tickets on April 7 to various cities, including Guiyang.

Since the start of the application process for these sink tickets, the Guiyang bureau of forestry has been cultivating related talents, optimizing the process of carbon sink ticket accounting and application, conducting thorough investigations of its forest resources, and organizing the development and application of its forestry carbon sink ticket projects.

These tickets have approved an area of 1,029.3 mu (68.62 hectares) in Guiyang, with the registered location at the Gangzhai State-owned Forest Farm in Kaiyang county.

The carbon emission reduction during the monitoring period is 6,741.2 metric tons. According to the closing price at the national carbon market on April 8, which was 87.62 yuan/ton, the estimated economic value of this land is 590,000 yuan.

Next, the Guiyang bureau of forestry will rely on the experience of provincial-level forestry carbon sink pilot projects, intensify efforts on developing its forestry carbon sink projects, revitalize local forest resources, and transform the ecological value of its forest resources into economic benefits.

This will allow forest farmers to fully enjoy the development achievements of the "lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets" initiative.

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