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Guiyang and Gui'an attractive to university graduates

english.guiyang.gov.cn|Updated: 2024-06-21

At the end of 2021, Guiyang City and Gui'an New Area in Southwest China's Guizhou province launched an initiative to retain and attract college and university graduates for employment and entrepreneurship. By the end of last year, a total of 311,000 graduates from both inside and outside the province were working in Guiyang.

In terms of institutional mechanisms, employment cooperation agreements were signed with 28 colleges and universities in the province, and liaison mechanisms were established with 43 colleges and universities outside the province.

Five industry-education integration alliances were established, involving digital technology at Guiyang University, health and medicine at Guiyang Healthcare Vocational University, middle and advanced manufacturing at Guiyang Vocational and Technical College, integrated development of preschool education at Guiyang Preschool Education College, and data center at Guizhou Electronic Technology College.

The first municipal industry-education alliance in the province - the Guiyang-Gui'an big data industry-education alliance - was also established.

In terms of employment opportunities, 199,100 jobs for graduates were offered last year, while 92,300 jobs were offered from January to April this year.

Last year, a total of 515 Guizhou employers visited 20 colleges and universities in 16 cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Changsha to attract talent from outside the province, providing 11,000 jobs.

From January to April this year, 7.53 million yuan in talent subsidies was redeemed, benefiting 767 talents of all kinds. Talent service stations were established to provide free accommodation for up to 30 days for young talent coming to Guiyang in search of jobs.

Rental subsidies from 2,400 yuan to 14,400 yuan per person are provided for graduates within three years of graduation, 1.6 million yuan of which has been allocated this year.

For graduates newly employed by key industrial enterprises, a settlement fee of 12,000 yuan to 48,000 yuan per person is provided. Settlement fees totaling 11.26 million yuan have been redeemed since 2023.

In terms of employment services, 10 "college and university graduate employment and entrepreneurship service stations" have been established in nine colleges and universities and Nanming District Human Resource Industrial Park to provide regular career guidance services for students.

It is estimated that 282,000 college and university students will graduate in Guizhou this year. Guiyang and Gui'an will make more efforts to help graduates with employment and entrepreneurship, striving to increase the number of graduates staying and working in the area by 130,000.

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